Gender Scans From 15 Weeks 

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Welcome to Ladybird 4D baby scan clinic based in Leeds. Our mission is to deliver amazing baby scan experiences during your special time for our local Leeds community. This has been made possible with our fantastic scanning services attracting a huge and loyal client base since 2015. The baby scan packages offered by our clinic are diverse and designed to fit all budgets. One of our major guiding principles is that we are a baby scan clinic which is client driven and we always strive to deliver an outstanding service and experience for our budding families.


Our boutique environment ensures both comfort and relaxation. In addition, we deliver the best quality 2D, 3D and 4D baby scan images which are both highly accurate and clear.

Our scanning boutique is very easy to get to based at 252 Tong Road, Armley, LS12 3BG. There is onstreet parking outside of the shop.   

Our range of services are highly diverse and cover pregnancy reassurance scans, dating and viability scans, sexing / gender scans, growth monitoring and also 3D and 4D scan packages.

With our amazing 3D and 4D packages you can actually see your baby blink, yawn and even suck their thumbs.


Our highly trained team use their expert baby scan imaging techniques to ensure our clients get the most accurate pictures from any scan session. We provide you images through USB, key rings, CD-ROM, high quality photo prints and actual real time DVD video footage.


 Our clients benefit from our staff being hugely experienced in their profession and affording this extra time in a more relaxed environment than your medical scans at the hospital.

To deliver you the best professional results, our centre is equipped with the latest technology in baby scan equipment.


Your only to job on the day is to relax and enjoy your experience, our expert staff will take care of everything else.


Sometimes you just need to see a little bit more than a positive pregnancy scan, we can carry out an early pregnancy scan from 7 weeks which give you the opportunity to see the baby and their heart beating.


If you’re feeling impatient and desperate to know if it’s a boy or a girl, from just 15 weeks we can find out for you with one of our gender confirmation scans.


We are based within close proximity to Leeds city centre and you are always welcome.


If you would like an appointment at our Ladybird boutique for any of our baby scans, be it a gender scan, early scan or maybe one of our 4D packages just give us a phone call and a member of our friendly staff will accommodate you.


You can also like our Facebook page to be kept up to date with news and offers.

For all your Leeds baby scan needs.






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